By Mary Murphy.

For some time now, I study media. As a curious note and not to my surprise, I have noticed people are unaware of it. Still, I find that curious. Honestly, I can’t think of why anyone would think I do unless I explicitly say so. Soon you’ll discover why.

Suppose you actually did wonder or notice my interest in Media. Ask yourself the following. Why is it that my commentary (see other posts), at times, does not demonstrate that? For example, when you notice, my opinion falls for the same things as everyone else’s. I am not saying that's the…

Salavat Fidai.

This administration broke from some ordinary; something led to Trump. The outcome some say good, some bad. For this argument, it is irrelevant. In turn, the opposition proposes ‘back to normality,’ comfort via the veil of political correctness — which led to Trump. Strategy or hubris, you tell me. Among the people who are appalled by a second administration, I am yet to see concern for the consequences of the Dems actions and the after-Trump. Utterly reckless, in my opinion. Removing Trump from office at the expense of giving the pendulum momentum? When I yell at the heavens about this…

Masaomi Yasunaga
空っぽの器 / empty vessel, 2020

Dear reader, have we considered we as a group chose as an alternative in this election an empty, anti-Trump candidate — a husk whose free of any concession, promise, or compromise? The Democratic nominee successfully ran a campaign with no policy, a politician’s delight. I am no negotiation expert, but bargaining after the fact seems highly ineffective to me. To me, that seems like too many degrees of freedom for a representative. I myself was very vocal back in the primaries when there was a semblance of leverage. I want my cookie. Now we are stuck with an empty vessel…

Hinke Osinga and Bernd Krauskopf, both of whom were math professors at the University of Bristol in the UK, used crochet to illustrate the Lorenz's twisted-ribbon structure manifold.

Lately, I have been hanging around mathematicians, perhaps a bit too much. I don’t think I relate at times. Simple interactions come up that make me think I don’t relate. Take an answer to a silly question like, what is your favorite shape?

In my opinion, a true mathematician would say something like a circle because of its simplicity; its characteristics are everywhere or note its fundamental property. Maybe a triangle because of this or that, a Tesseract, fractal, or some topological contraption. …

In times of trouble, I find poetry fills a void.

Mental health is an inevitable aspect that will take a toll on us in these trying times. I share some poetry inspired by it:

I feel and I know how important it is how I feel.

So many tremendous, beautiful, copious people yearn my words.

Fantastic. My big beautiful eyes see how collectively we bend our essence to quote on quote defeat the ‘du jour’ lesser of evil.

In the process I see transformation.

A cocoon.

Perhaps consequence of one too many dystopia novels.

The lulling that has been, ever present, and the husk of a once-was that actually never-was.

The measures put in place were alarmist in nature. As they should have been. This is simply because we did not have any previous example on how a modern pandemic situation would unfurl. Therefore we took, perhaps late, measures to deal with an emergency situation. It was damage control, things were too hectic for a more nuanced take. The bleeding had to stop. But now what?

We have successfully halted virtually the entire economy to give hospitals a chance to cope. Something I am still impressed we managed to do. Regardless, we need to quantify this. We need to make…

If I may. It is difficult, not complicated. The sooner people and governments realize the intermittent nature of the transition to 'normalcy', the lower the economic impact this global unexpected situation will have. Stay at home measures will come and go. Social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future and the nature of the economy will have some permanent change.

The underlying metric is medical capacity, given we have a bottleneck and it's literally a matter of life and death. There is no expectation for a vaccine as a solution. Propagation is unavoidable under the most reasonable assumtions…

Está claro, cada país y región tiene su conjunto único de requisitos y desafíos que enfrenta la pandemia actual. Aún así, hay un conjunto central de ideas que son relevantes en todos los ámbitos. Un conjunto de denominadores comunes. Este artículo explorará algunos de esos aspectos económicos y de mercado.

Nota importante, se debe seguir el consejo médico de las principales instituciones. Aquí hay un enlace al sitio web de la CDC:

Es importante asumir que todo el trabajo presentado aquí estará de acuerdo con esas indicaciones. Una vez que los expertos establecen ciertos parámetros, podemos usarlos para inferir…

A market guide to whom it may concern

Clearly each country and region has their unique set of requirements and challenges facing the current pandemic. The argument is, there is a core set of ideas which are relevant throughout the board. A set of common denominators. This article will explore some of those market and economic aspects.

Important note, medical advise by leading institutions should be followed. Here is a link to the CDC website:

It is important to assume all presented work here be in accordance with those indications. Once experts set certain parameters, we can use them…

I’d like to explore variations on personal decisions that would activate the economy in alternate ways. I propose popularizing collective tactical actions to decentralize crisis management, (as a polar opposite to authoritarian execution, much like in China). Do this in order combat an incoming economic slump by reorganizing the productive capacity. A trully cooperative effort that could minimize the impending impact. Let’s explore the economic facet of cooperation and making decisions for the benefit of the group.

Media has done an appalling job at maintaining a sense of calm

In short, we are in shock. Time to wake up. You, yes you. Time to hustle.

First things first. Health takes center stage…

Jean Paul Baharet

wouldn’t you agree?

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