If I may. It is difficult, not complicated. The sooner people and governments realize the intermittent nature of the transition to 'normalcy', the lower the economic impact this global unexpected situation will have. Stay at home measures will come and go. Social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future and the nature of the economy will have some permanent change.

The underlying metric is medical capacity, given we have a bottleneck and it's literally a matter of life and death. There is no expectation for a vaccine as a solution. Propagation is unavoidable under the most reasonable assumtions. Don't expect one day soon, go to the movies and take up jiu jitsu lessons.

Do not expect this to go away. Begin to act as if it was not. I cannot stress this enough. The economy will halt, this effort to work around the situation will dictate the effectiveness of the restart.

Both governments and private sectors need to work *around* this situation. Best practices should become mandatory procedure. Economic activities must resume as soon as possible with stringent safety measures. No less than virtually safe practice should be accepted. Exposure is a matter of discipline, access to equipment and proper education.

Workers can in many instances do their job safely given specific parameters, materials and instructions. This is not the first time we as a society have sent people to work in otherwise hazardous activities. To say the least.

Take it with a grain of salt, the credit goes to the doer of deeds. The man in the arena. Regardless of credit, here in my ivory tower it is clear leadership is a joke. The very expectation of leadership is in question.

wouldn’t you agree?

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